Blending System

Blending System

Typical blending systems from WMProcess include:

  • Batch mixing tanks
  • Multishaft agitated vessels for complex mixtures
  • Inline blending systems
  • Static mixers and inline high shear homogenizers
  • Metering pumps and solid feeders for dosing of ingredients
  • Concept drawings and up front engineering/design

We Offer Customized Blending Systems to Meet Your Process Specifications





A blending system can consist of batch style agitated vessels, a fully automated PLC controlled continuous inline process blending line, or something in between. White Mountain Process chemical mixers and agitators are used for batch and continuous blend systems, where we try and optimize the mixing process to suit your needs and process requirements. For continuous inline mixing and blending systems we often use ingredient metering pumps and motionless static mixers or motorized high shear mixer homogenizers to provide the necessary mixing of the product ingredients. Typical tanks and piping of WMP systems are stainless steel (304ss and 316ss) and poly plastic (PE, PP, PVDF, and PTFE) and are available in industrial duty or sanitary designs (cGMP with polished stainless or FDA/USP VI plastic) to suit. Instrumentation, automation, heating and cooling, CIP clean in place, ribo testing, pressure and vacuum, and other customization is available as needed. We offer up front engineering and design services if you need engineering or concept drawing assistance at early project stages.

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