Multi Shaft Mixer

Multi Shaft Mixers

For More Complex Blending Systems
Dual Motion and Triple Motion Mixer and Agitator

Sick of outrageous prices on multi shaft agitation?

Tired of poor vendor response and horrible delivery times?

Fair prices and proper delivery times are available in multiple shaft mixer and vessel systems. You can also expect the proper response and rapid quotes that you require. Multi-Shaft Mixers are commonly used for mixing high viscosity and difficult to mix ingredients. A typical mult agitator design has a center mount low speed Anchor Paddle Sweep blade which sweeps the mix vessel wall. The second chemical mixer is typically a higher speed agitator or disperser. The high speed mix impeller or blade provides high shear mixing to rapidly disperse or dissolve the additive solid or powder ingredients. The low speed anchor provides mass and bulk blending and feeds the high speed impeller by blending and moving the liquid media in the vessel. This mixing action improves product uniformity by providing side to side and top to bottom mixing, by scraping the vessel walls with the anchor, and also provides very efficient heat transfer within the mixture if heating or cooling via a jacket on the tank. Multi shaft mixers are usually used to mix medium to high viscosity products, sticky mixtures, and difficult to blend batches.

A high speed mixer or disperser produces limited flow for viscous products. The low speed Anchor/Paddle blade is necessary to produce a un iform and homogeneous mixture. Anchor blades are often equipped with Teflon PTFE scrapers to sweep/scrape the vessel wall to avoid sticking and cooking if heating in the kettle. Multishaft mixers are also used with low viscosity products when scraping the vessel wall is beneficial and multi agitation with high shear mixing produces the desired results. Applications for these mixers include viscous creams, sanitary and cosmetic lotions, vacuum mixing and dearation of ointments, inks, adhesives, paints, sealants, caulks, slurries, toothpastes…

Multi Shaft Mixers

Multi Shaft Mixers, as the name suggests, have a combination of shafts and therefore mixers or agitators to offer a multi function facility in one mixer. The multi shaft mixer (sometimes called a “multi-agitator” mixer) is essentially a mixer with two or three shaft-mounted agitators within the working vessel, and each combination of shaft and mixer type can have its own program. Generally, the shafts in a multi shaft mixer turn on their own individual stationery axes. A lack of orbital movement in the mixing vessel restricts the viscosity of materials you can use, but it keeps the cost within a reasonable budget for small scale operations. For sequenced mixing operations, multi shaft mixers are the answer, with the possibility of dealing with heavy material to nano-particle size in one batch if necessary.

A multi-shaft mixer often creates redundancy in existing specialized single function equipment, such as dedicated mixers, by enabling multiple mixing steps into a sequenced operation using multiple steps with a single mixing vessel. You can then increase your flexibility by having multiple mixing vessels to broaden your operation.

The sophistication of multi-shaft mixers has advanced rapidly in the last few years. New agitator designs, the ability to work with powders and liquids, dealing with heat transfer, and offering many more degrees of capability and efficiency. In the current market place, there is a greater demand for more complex and sophisticated programming of the chemical formulations and products. There are more viscous substances, and there is more accuracy required in the delivery of liquid or solid additives. There is the following of more complex processes demanding speed and complexity, and closer monitoring of critical parameters such as pressure and temperature. The multi shaft mixer enables operation of two or three different agitators in multiple permutations during a process, including the charging of chemical ingredients, the actual mixing, and ultimately the delivery of the final product. That level of flexibility allows a tremendous ability to deal with many different elements of the process, very effectively. It is not uncommon to have independent control of each mixer with variable speed on each shaft; the optimum in programmability.

For simple applications and limited flexibility being required, a two shaft mixer is probably adequate for basic mixing. It allows for a modest budget, balanced with capability from units with limited speed and power. To upgrade to a three shaft unit dramatically broadens your options and functionality, offering a sometimes extraordinary level of efficiency and effectiveness.

The demand to remain competitive requires a continuous effort to eliminate redundant equipment and streamline process steps wherever possible. The versatility of a multi shaft mixer provides the flexibility for modern day process requirements, while providing some insurance for unforeseen demands of the future.

Multishaft Mixer Models we offer:

Dual Shaft or Dual Motion Agitator

– Our Dual Shaft mixer uses the center mounted low speed shaft with an offset high speed shaft. The Dual Shaft configuration will handle most Multi-shaft mixing jobs. Because it has separate mixing shafts, maintenance is easier on a Dual Shaft than on a Concentric Shaft mixer.

Triple Shaft or Triple Motion Agitator

- The Triple Shaft mixer is essentially the same as the Dual Shaft design with the addition of another offset high speed shaft located on the opposite side of the low speed shaft. The second high speed shaft provides additional shear and can reduce process time.

Bottom Entry High Shea Mixer

– A bottom entry high shear mixer is ideal for dumping in large amounts of solids or particulate. Having it mounted on the tank bottom allows for a large HP design and mixing blade.

Teflon PTFE wall scraper on the anchor

– ideal to scrape the wall and very effective for heat transfer

Heating and cooling jacket

– very common for processes requiring temperature control

CIP TANK CLEANING – Complex mixing systems with multiple agitators can be cleaned properly. We work with users to optimize cleaning nozzles while minimizing water and chemical usage and effluent. Riboflavin cleaning tests are available.

Features/Options Available

Lab and Production Multishaft Agitation – Sizes from laboratory units to 3500 gallons

We supply single source for mixers, tanks, and any controls you may need

Inverter driven motors

Stainless steel and sanitary stainless design

Electropolish and highly polish finish for sanitary and biopharma mixing applications

Vacuum, pressure, or atmospheric operation

Electrical components for hazardous or safe environments

Sanitary and aseptic biopharm ready designs

Low and High Shear Mixing Systems

Call us for ideas, quotes, or for some preliminary testing to figure out the best way to mix your product –

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